“Fencing is One of the Best Property Investments You Can Make”

Fencing is one of the single greatest investments you can make to improve your properties’ value, other than a major  kitchen and bathroom remodel. Landscaping is also a wise investment, but fencing really completes your home and property. Below are a few reasons why this is so.

First and foremost, if you own property in the country or a rural setting, fencing completes the look, so to speak. You’ve invested thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on your real estate investment—doesn’t it make sense to fully complete it with a beautiful Wood, Metal, Vinyl or Chain Link fence? Additionally, by hiring Perfect Fence Company, you’ll be rest assured that your project will be done by a reputable and established fence contractor. We are experienced fence installation experts who know fencing through and through, because that’s all we do. We don’t sell fencing supplies, we don’t have a huge storefront—we install fencing, professionally, on time, and on budget—guaranteed. Perfect Fence Company is your choice for fence installation services in Kansas City.


Weather you live in suburbs or in the city, the privacy of your property is probably a concern. Perfect Fence Company is the authority on privacy fences in Kansas City. Over the course of 15 years we have established ourselves as one of the leading privacy fence installers in the Kansas City metro area. City dwellers have a lot more interest in privacy fences than allot of people realize, due to house property lines sometimes only 10 feet apart. While it’s great to have the convenience of living in an urban area, at times the lack of privacy is not.


That can be a short lived problem with a call to Perfect Fence Company . At Perfect Fence Company, we complete projects of all kinds for many different and unique customer needs. Whether it’s chain link fence, privacy fence, farm and ranch fence, or any other type or kind you’re looking for, Perfect Fence Company can help. We will give you a free written estimate and we will gladly go over any estimate you may already have received from another company. Because you have numerous choices in Kansas City for the installation of your fence and after we have a consultation about your needs and give you a free written estimate we are confident Perfect Fence Company will be your choice for your fence services. We go above and beyond for our clients.


We also install and upkeep fencing for many Farmers and Ranchers in Missouri and Kansas. These business owners own extremely valuable assets that are crucial to the American consumer—food. We have long term contracts with many of these farmers and Ranchers and work on an array of projects for their properties and at times these fence lines go on for miles. Whether you have horses, hogs, or any other form of livestock, we can keep them secured and corralled. Give us a call at 816.536.3432, Perfect Fence Company—your first choice for a fencing contractor in Kansas City.

We install fences all year round. Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring! 

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