Price vs “True Price”–How to Properly Read an Estimate from your Potential Fencing Contractor

 Price vs “True Price”–How to Properly Read an Estimate from your Potential Fencing Contractor

When considering fencing (or if you’ve already received an estimate from a fencing contractor), as with most things in life, usually price is a factor. Perfect Fence Company, as your Kansas City Fencing Contractor of Choice for over 15 years, is well versed in writing estimates, and we would never consider anything other than honesty and integrity when doing so. In fact, if you have a bid—even from one of our competitors—we would be more than happy to write our own bid, but also explain any other bid you may have. That’s what we do.

Unfortunately, some fencing contractors don’t have the best reputation. Fortunately, many do. In business, as with life, we believe that reputation is everything. And at Perfect Fence Company, we protect and preserve our reputation each and everyday—just ask any of our many very satisfied customers.

The number one thing you can do as a consumer is to insist of specifics on the bid. A common practice with some unscrupulous contractors is to use sub-par fixtures but charge for premium ones. With fencing, make sure that you’re paying for finish carpentry—not rough that could pass for finish to the untrained eye. Make sure you’re getting premium fasteners—not standard. Don’t make these same, avoidable mistakes when it comes to hiring your fencing contractor. In sum, make sure you’re getting everything you’re paying for. While the lowest bid may seem like you won the lottery, it’s the intangibles (making sure the job is done right, the first time, on time, and that you’re happy with the results) that factor into the end “price”. Price can be deceptive—by calling Perfect Fence Company, rest assured you’ll get what you pay for.

Call Perfect Fence Company at 816.536.3432 to receive a free, written estimate. Perfect Fence Company is KC’s final word on fencing, and has proudly served the area for over 15 years.

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