Premium Fasteners–From Your Fencing Contractor Kansas City

Premium Fasteners—What’s the Difference?

A nail is a nail is a nail, right? Not even close.  Your fencing contractor in Kansas City knows the difference.

Perfect Fence Company only uses premium fasteners because put simply, there’s a huge difference in quality. While fasteners are buried in wood, for example, one wouldn’t think they would be subject to Mother Nature’s sometimes brutal conditions. Wood retains moisture, which will corrode and destroy other inferior fasteners. By making a very small investment in better materials, you’ll most likely add years to your fence, deck, or other project.

While being rust and corrosion resistant, choosing non magnetic fasteners is key, because magnetic nails react with other nearby metals. Drilling a pilot hole is often required, particularly when working with fencing materials—this will help keep the wood from splitting. In fact, hot dipped galvanized fasteners are some of the best in the business. They are more of an investment, but the difference is clear. How it works is that the fasteners are bathed in molten zinc, completely coating them. Hot dipped galvanized fasteners are available with varying levels of thickness, but they are superior and very effective.

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