Asthetics vs Price–Fencing Options to Consider

Aesthetics vs Price:  Fencing Options for Your Property, and Other Factors to Consider

When considering fencing options, you’re limited only by your creativity. Wood, vinyl, aluminum…how to choose? Let Perfect Fence Company help you with that–especially since we’re Kansas City’s #1 Fencing Contractor.

Traditional wood fencing is usually the “go-to” choice for either do-it-yourself’ers or those who want a professional job. Wood is a natural, beautiful choice, is cost efficient, and always looks great—whether stained, painted, or natural. With wood however, it’s the small things that make the difference. For example, at Perfect Fence Company, we only use circular saws, never chainsaws, to make cuts. And these extra steps we take each and every time really count with the finest results.  As fencing contractors, we know the difference between good and great.

Another option for fencing material is vinyl. With a vast array of colors and styles, this material is only growing in popularity. Vinyl as a choice for fencing may sound unconventional, but the durability and price really make it a viable option for many homeowners looking to add value to their property.  Call Perfect Fence Company for a free quote.

Finally, and we know this may sound unique, but various sheet metals are being used for fencing due to increased popularity of modern architecture. Additionally, the durability of metal, especially in areas of the country that are subject to high winds and/or extreme hot or cold, make metal an option to consider when hiring a fencing contractor. Metal is also popular with homeowners who choose a mid-century modern motif in their decorating.

All kinds of different metals are available, with varying color, texture, and even powder coating options available. As with wood, choosing metal as fencing option ensures a beautiful result, no matter what material you select.

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