All Fencing Contractors are NOT the Same–and Here’s Why

All Fencing Contractors are NOT the Same—Here’s Why

Fencing contractors vary between quality and price; everyone knows that. But what most consumers don’t necessarily know is the quality details—the little differences—that make your project shine when completed. Read on to discover the Perfect Fence Company difference.

Post construction is a clearly a crucial component of your project. That’s why we only use circular saws on our wood—never chainsaws, which makes a monumental difference in quality, and it shows.

At Perfect Fence, we also only use premium fasteners and screw all gate frames. While this is a bit of shop talk—what it means to the customer is that we know what we’re doing, and we do it right the first time—guaranteed. It’s just that simple.

In Kansas City, we know you have many choices when it comes to fencing contractors, and we’d love to show you our difference. In fact, on all projects, we guarantee all work and some materials are guaranteed for up to 20 years on paper. That’s how we do business.

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